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Check out maps and information for all of Aqaba’s amazing dive sites!

Boat Diving
The Scuba 1144

  • Three jet engines who will get you to the dive site in no time.
  • Bottom shaded deck for gearing up for the dives.
  • Bathroom and changing area.
  • Plenty of room to relax and enjoy yourself in between dives.
  • Barbecue lunch prepared on board while you’re diving below. Come on up with an appetite because you’ll be treated to variety of meats and salads.
Shore Diving
We run daily trips to Aqaba’s south beach for shore diving.  Aqaba’s most beautiful reefs start right at the shoreline making it the best spot to start your dives from!  We leave from the dive center at 9am every morning in the JDC bus and with all of Aqaba’s dive sites just 15 minutes drive away, you’ll be in the water in no time!South beach offers shaded areas for divers, shops for snacks and drinks, shower and toilet facilities.  Diving from the shore also makes life much easier for first time divers offering the security of the shallow water before venturing a bit deeper!