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Nabeel Aqbarawi - Course Director (PADI Pro#: 85077)

Nabeel has nearly 20 years experience running successful diving businesses in the area. Nabeel set up Jordan Diving Center, fulfilling his dream of combining top quality staff with top quality  facilities to take the diving experience in Jordan   to the next level.

Hani HamoudOpen Water Instructor (PADI Pro#: 630068)

Hani has been teaching for several years. When asked why he enjoys diving his reply was that he loves to see the smiles on people’s faces when they first discover the underwater world. Hani is well known for his extreme patience and and helpful attitude with divers of all levels.

Wael Abudawas - Divemaster (PADI Pro#: 289564)

Wael has been doing a lot of things for the diving community in Aqaba. He worked for the Aqaba Marine Science Station where he was a part of projects to develop artificial coral reef in the bay. After qualifying as a trimix technical diver he joined our team and completed the divemaster training course.

Tim Semmens – Master Scuba Diver Trainer (PADI Pro#: 274077 / HSA Pro#: 3248)

Tim, an American, has lived in the Middle East with his family since 2005 and loves it. Working in a creative profession and teaching scuba on the side makes living here even better. Tim is also a scuba instructor for the Handicapped Scuba Association (HSA). He loves the rewarding nature of his job and loves to help new divers (disabled and able-bodied) find their courage.

Marija Martinovic – Divemaster (PADI Pro#: 311262)

Marija joined the team in August. She is from Serbia originally but has been based in the middle East for three years now.

Marija enjoys the diving life of Aqaba showing off the colourful coral and the beautiful sites that we have on offer.